Gordon Adams

Overcoming Redundancy: 52 inspiring ideas to help you bounce back from losing your job

Most people say redundancy changes their lives for the better — make sure you are one of them!So you’ve been made redundant (or perhaps you just think it’s coming)?
Join the crowd! Redundancy is now a very common life experience. Almost a quarter of adults will be affected by redundancy during their lifetime. But you are not a victim. What matters now is how you react to this challenge.
OVERCOMING REDUNDANCY contains advice from survivors, from people who have not only survived but turned it to their advantage. Many now look back on that redundancy experience, with hindsight, as the best thing that could ever have happened to them. You can use this book to benefit from their experiences and advice.
Redundancy is an intensely emotional experience. It affects your self-esteem and motivation. You are only human if you feel a sense of anger, betrayal or loss. This book will help you cope with these social and emotional impacts of redundancy. It will also provide valuable tips of managing the financial impacts of redundancy. Most importantly it will help you look forwards, not backwards. If you’ve been made redundant, reading this book is the first step towards bouncing back!
GORDON ADAMS is Managing Director of Alternative Futures Research Limited, a research company which specialises in helping businesses and individuals to change. He has spent over 30 years working for leading organisations like Thomas Cook, the BBC and Reed International. He overcame redundancy himself when he invested his redundancy payment to set up his own business. He has never looked back. The company which made him redundant went on to become one of his biggest clients.
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