Dave Cockerill,John Caig

Topper Book

The Topper is a brilliant boat — over 50,000 have been sold and thousands of people learn the basic sailing skills in Toppers every year. This is the only book which shows you how to rig, sail and race the Topper — right up to World Champion standard. It is packed full of advice, go-fast tips, photo sequences and diagrams. This new third edition covers all three Topper rigs (4.2, 5.3 and 6.4) and is fully up to date with details of the new rota-moulded (grey) boats as well as the traditional injection-moulded (red) boats. It starts by describing how to rig and sail the boat before moving on to racing and providing masterclasses for success in competitions. Written by GBR's longest-serving National Topper Coach and a former Topper National and European Champion, the book features recent Topper World and National Champions and is the bible for Topper sailing. UK Topper National Champion Jess Powell demonstrates the techniques required, as well as what not to do, in over 300 photos and has contributed to the text, making sure it is completely relevant to today's Topper sailors.
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