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Simply the best
3 The football is his toy
The long journey towards gold
grey Volkswagen stops b
m that much. But that isn’t to say that he hasn’t been through s
He was good at PE and art.’
He was a typically shy child and he talked very little. He only stood out when he played ball
Doctor Diego Schwarsztein
I remember that at break time in the school playground the captains who had to pick the teams always ended up arguing because they all wanted Leo, because he scored so many goals. With him they were sure to win.
Aparicio pulls another gem from his plastic bag
When I saw on TV the first goal he scored in a Barcelona shirt I started to cry. My daughter Genoveva, who was in the other room, asked: “What’s wrong dad?” “Nothing,” I said, “it’s emotional.”’
When he got the ball he destroyed it. He was unbelievable, they couldn’t stop him. He scored four or five goals a game
the apples of her eye
A circle of children has gathered. They all want to give their opinion about the boy who until a few years ago went to their school. For Pablo, age eleven, there is no doubt whatsoever: ‘He has what it takes to be the best in the world. Better than Maradona. The thing I like best about him is his speed, he’s incredible.’ Something is worrying Agustín, age nine – something that concerns many of his fellow countrymen – ‘Maradona started out at Argentino Juniors, Messi … at Barça’. Without question, too far away from here. Even the girls, who are more embarrassed, end up joining the group. And here, opinion is divided. Some think he’s good-looking, others think he is too short.
No, Leo didn’t do so well in his studies, but his work was of an acceptable level. At the beginning he had difficulty reading, so I advised his mother to take him to a speech therapist. In the other subjects he managed to improve little by little, although he didn’t obtain wonderful results. He was a quiet child, sweet and shy, one of the shyest students I have seen in my entire teaching career. If you didn’t address him, he would sit silently at his desk, at the back of the classroom. The older children competed with him in order to play in Rosario’s inter-school tournaments. He was good, of course – he used to win trophies and medals; but I never heard him boast about playing well and scoring goals.’
Once the sauce is done, I pour it on top of each piece of beef, making sure they’re well covered. I take some cream cheese or hard cheese out of the fridge and lay it on top of the beef in thin slices. I leave them in the oven until the cheese melts. All that’s left to do is fry the potatoes as a side dish and the milanesa a la napolitana [schnitzel napolitana] is ready to serve.’
With the passion and experience of a good cook, Celia describes her son Lionel Messi’s favourite dish.
‘When I go to Barcelona I have to make it two or three times a week. And with at least three medium-sized cuts of beef. I tousle his hair and tell him: “My schnitzel napolitana and my mate [traditional Argentine tea] are what make you score so many goals.” ’ Lionel has simple gastronomic tastes: schnitzel, but not made with ham or horsemeat; chicken with a sauce made of pepper, onions, tomatoes and oregano. He doesn’t care much for elaborate dishes, like the ones his brother Rodrigo makes, but then, as is well known, Rodrigo is a chef and his dream is to open his own restaurant one day. It is natural for him to experiment and try new recipes, although his younger brother doesn’t always appreciate them. Does he have a sweet tooth? ‘Yes, Leo loves chocolates and alfajores [traditional caramel-filled biscuits – a national delicacy]; when we go to Spain we have to take boxes and boxes so that he always has a good supply.’ She tells the story about

Uma vez que o molho é feito, eu despeje-a em cima de cada pedaço de carne, certificando-se de que eles estão bem cobertos. Eu tomar um pouco de creme de queijo ou queijo duro para fora da geladeira e coloque-a em cima da carne em fatias finas. Deixo-os no forno até o queijo derreter. Tudo o que resta a fazer é frite as batatas como um prato lateral e a milanesa la napolitana [schnitzel napolitana] está pronto para servir.'
Com a paixão e a experiência de um bom cozinheiro, Celia descreve seu filho Lionel Messi prato favorito.
"Quando vou para Barcelona eu tenho que fazer isso duas ou três vezes por semana. E com, pelo menos, três médias de cortes de carne. Eu despentear seu cabelo e dizer-lhe: "Meu schnitzel napolitana e meu companheiro [tradicional da Argentina chá] são o que fazem você marcar tantos gols." 'Lionel simples e gastronômico sabores: schnitzel, mas não fez com presunto ou carne de cavalo; frango com um molho feito de pimenta, cebola, tomate e orégano.

‘I buy the rump or a piece from the hindquarter. They’re cuts of beef I’ve also seen in Barcelona but I don’t know what they’re called. I put a bit of salt on each piece, dip them in egg and coat them in breadcrumbs. I fry them until they’re nice and golden-brown and I put them in an oven dish. I slice the onion finely and fry it over. When the onion turns white, I add chopped tomatoes, a little water, salt, oregano and a pinch of sugar. And I leave it on the heat for around twenty minutes. Once the

'Eu comprar a picanha ou um pedaço do hindquarter. Eles são cortes de carne bovina também já vi em Barcelona, mas eu não sei o que eles são chamados. Eu coloquei um pouco de sal em cada peça, mergulhe-os no ovo e cubra-os na farinha de rosca. Eu frite-os até que eles são ótimos e marrom-dourado e coloquei-as em um prato de forno. Eu cortar a cebola finamente e frite-o. Quando a cebola ficar branco, eu adicione o tomate picado, um pouco de água, sal, orégano e uma pitada de açúcar. E eu deixar o calor por cerca de vinte minutos. Uma vez que o

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