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John Stuart Mill

On Liberty

John Stuart Mill was a prolific and well-regarded author and philosopher in his day, but perhaps his most enduring work is On Liberty, an essay developed over several years and with significant input from his wife. In it, he applies his views on the Utilitarian ethical theory to systems of society and governance. The result became one of the most influential essays on liberal political thought in modern history.
In On Liberty Mill addresses such familiar concepts as freedom of speech, the importance of individuality, and the limits of society’s influence on the individual. He caps the discussion with an application of these principals on problems of the day, including education and the economy.
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    It was not so difficult to comprehend by comparing with the present circumstances.


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    “The grand, lead­ing prin­ciple, to­wards which every ar­gu­ment un­fol­ded in these pages dir­ectly con­verges, is the ab­so­lute and es­sen­tial im­port­ance of hu­man de­vel­op­ment in its richest di­versity.”
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    “I can say noth­ing which could de­scribe, even in the faintest man­ner, what that loss was and is. But be­cause I know that she would have wished it, I en­deav­our to make the best of what life I have left, and to work for her pur­poses with such di­min­ished strength as can be de­rived from thoughts of her, and com­mu­nion with her memory.”
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    So­ci­ety can pun­ish him for acts or even opin­ions which are an­ti­so­cial in char­ac­ter.

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