Three Ghost Stories, Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

Three Ghost Stories

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Three classic short ghost stories by the master of spooky fiction: Charles Dickens. Includes The Signal-Man, a story about a railway signalman haunted by ghosts that are harbingers of terrible rail crashes. Dickens himself was involved in the Staplehurst rail crash on 9 June 1865, and undoubtably based some of the story on his experience, as well as the Clayton Tunnel crash that occurred in 1861.
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Three Ghost Stories, Charles Dickens
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Sofía Gónzalez Ríos
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the stopped life, the broken threads of yesterday, the deserted seat, the closed book, the unfinished but abandoned occupation, all are images of Death.
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minuteness that was a liberty.
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that time it was a beautiful morning. As I walked away among such leaves as had already fallen from the golden, brown, and russet trees; and as I looked around me on the wonders of Creation, and thought of the steady, unchanging, and harmonious laws by which they are sustained;
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