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Darin Jewell,Conrad Jones

How to Use Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites to Sell Your Ebook IN A DAY

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This ebook explains how essential social networking is in selling and promoting your ebook on the Internet in the digital age. In fact, the success of ebooks depends primarily on how well-versed you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on, and how well you converse with other virtual social butterflies. It is not just about having a Facebook page or Google+ account; instead, it is about knowing which applications and analytics on these sites are likely to benefit you most as a writer, including building your author brand, building an increasing fan base and maximizing your ebook sales.

This book first covers how to develop a marketing checklist and track your results. It explains in detail how to set yourself up on Facebook, with a focus on the lingo and best practices, before discussing the site’s Edgerank and Insights features, and the art of social engagement. The protocols and practicalities of LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ are changing daily, and writing relevant posts, avoiding internet trolls and keeping informed of changes and how they might affect your marketing platform are all important aspects of online marketing that can make or break your ebook success.
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