James Ryan

Emotional Intelligence

Do you possess all the qualities required to succeed at work?

Do you have what it takes to build fulfilling, gratifying and rewarding personal relationships?

What if you were told there is a super power that exists within all of us to help us enjoy more satisfying personal and professional relationships?

The secret sauce for building solid personal and business relationships is unfortunately not what we learn in educational institutes. It isn’t technical expertise or fancy degrees or knowledge. The most crucial factor for success in life is an attribute called Emotional Intelligence.

The best part is, unlike intelligence quotient, you can actually go ahead and increase your Emotional Quotient with some of the most powerful emotional competency building strategies.

Emotional Intelligence: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your Emotions, How to Improve Your EQ and Your Relationships tells you everything you want to know about emotional intelligence including -

-Introduction and Origins of the Concept of Emotional Intelligence

— Difference between Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Intelligence

— Solid Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

— Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

— Tons of Real Life Examples of Emotional Intelligence

and much more.
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Ryan James

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