Martin Luntig

Nettle, Goutweed and Dandelion

Nature has many wonderful treasures in store for us. Most plants do not only have the sense to bloom and green, they have also been used for centuries as food and medicine. Even our grandparents knew the usefulness of each herb. They could stroll across the meadows and name exactly which plant can be used to cure various aches and pains.Also, grandma's natural cosmetics consisted of plants that she simply takes from the wild. This was not just because she had no money for synthetic cosmetics, but because she was aware that the forces of nature are simply the most effective.A few decades ago, however, these plants fell into oblivion. They were even somewhat frowned upon and healing or caring effect could have yet only high-quality products from the trade. Nowadays, however, many cosmetics companies are also increasingly reflecting on these old values and medicinal plants are been used more often in products from well-known companies.In recent years, herbs and medicinal plants have become very fashionable again and are absolutely in vogue. Many plants are even considered as absolute superfoods. They are used in nutrition and cosmetics. These gifts of nature can significantly support and promote health.Its a great time for all those who can still remember the old recipes of grandparents. But the good news is: the secrets have been passed down and thus not completely forgotten. In this little guide, you can now read about the multi-faceted ways in which you can use the treasures of nature.On your next walk, it's best to grab a small wicker basket and collect herbs and wild plants. There is nothing better than processing self-picked plants and medicinal herbs. By doing so, you will be making a significant contribution to sustainability. In addition, you increase your own mindfulness and are also guaranteed to have more respect for the product.Also, it gives you pleasure and pride to have made something by yourself. An added bonus is that these plants and herbs from nature are free. Thus, healthy nutrition and care do not have to be expensive and can be affordable for everyone.Now let's look at perhaps the three most important and common medicinal plants from our region. This little book is all about nettle, dandelion flowers, leaves and roots, and goutweed.Here, you will learn what you can make from each plant. You will find great recipes for tasty dishes and also for effective cosmetics. In addition, we tell you the influence that these herbs have on human health. Whether teas, creams, or tinctures — with these three herbs you can create a small but efficient natural pharmacy for yourself at home. In any case, you will also be able to spice up your culinary with the recipes and enjoy each wellness day within the four walls of your house with homemade natural cosmetics.
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