The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov, Edward Kemp
Mikhail Bulgakov,Edward Kemp

The Master and Margarita

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A mysterious stranger appears in a Moscow park. Soon he and his retinue have astonished the locals with the magic show to end all magic shows. But why are they really here, and what has it got todo with the beautiful Margarita, or her lover, the Master, a silenced writer? A carnival for the senses and a diabolical extravaganza, this most exuberant of Russian novels was staged in this adaptation at Chichester Festival Theatre.
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A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

Cover photo by Clare Park.

PB ISBN: 978-1-84002-448-7
E ISBN: 978-1-7831-9398-1

Printed and bound by Marston Book Services Limited, Didcot.
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