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How do we know we are real and not just some character in an elaborate game?

In the virtual world of Saga, Ghost is a fifteen-year-old airboarding anarcho-punk, with no past, no memories, only a growing realisation of her own strange abilities. But who is she really and why is she becoming embroiled in a battle with the warped leader of Saga — the Dark Queen? How have Erik and Cindella Dragonslayer fared since their adventures in Epic?

And what happens if you dare to reach outside your world, or to question your identity? Is that simply the road to madness, death and destruction?

Praise for Epic, Cindella Dragonslayer's first adventure:
'The most important Irish novel of the year.' Sunday Independent

See the thrilling video trailer created for Saga by the US publisher, Viking Children's Books:

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    Grace Caoje citiraoпре 4 године
    are good, you can direct the board with the swaying of your arms. And I was good. Actually, I was the best.
    Airboards work a lot like two magnets of the same polarity, the way they push each other apart. When an airboard is switched on, it is repelled by matter. So left to itself an airboard will float about half a metre off the ground, bobbing slightly. Fitted with a drive, it becomes your best way of getting around the City.

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