The New Urban Crisis, Richard Florida
Richard Florida

The New Urban Crisis

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Never before have our cities been as important as they are now. The drivers of innovation and growth, they are essential to the prosperity of nations. But they are also destructive, plunging us into housing crises and deepening inequality. How can we keep the good and break free of the bad?

In this bracingly original work of research and analysis, leading urbanist Richard Florida explores the roots of this new crisis and puts forward a plan to make this the century of the fairer, thriving metropolis.
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What London is experiencing is not just gentrification—a term originally coined by Ruth Glass to describe the demographic changes in inner London in the early 1960s—but out-and-out “plutocratization”, to use Simon Kuper’s evocative word. For the ultra-rich, high-end London real estate has become a new kind of global reserve currency, a place where they can stash their money.
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Phd, Lars Buch Viftrup
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