The Secret to Understanding Men: The Secrets Men Won’t Tell You and the Hidden Truth on How You Can Capture and Keep Your Alpha Male, Thomas DiPaolo
Thomas DiPaolo

The Secret to Understanding Men: The Secrets Men Won’t Tell You and the Hidden Truth on How You Can Capture and Keep Your Alpha Male

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This book will share the secrets that men would never discuss and would always deny but are very real and is intended to change the way men are viewed by the opposite sex. Understanding the way men really think is the key to capturing and keeping a man’s interest indefinately. It will function as a tool to seduce, intrigue and create what men consider to be irresistible traits in a woman that they can't resist and will always respond to. In a relationship knowing these primal attractant's can maintain spark, desire and interest. They can recreate passion that has been lost over time due to lack in understanding and complacency. Most relationship books are written by women, psychiatrists or relationship specialists and fail to offer a true understanding of what Alpha Males really desire. I am not a specialist. I am an Alpha Male, and have written several books for other men. This book is different. This book is intended for women. These secrets reveal how men truly think and what they truly desire.
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karelina88je citiraoпре 4 године
modern human society an Alpha Male is seen as an attitude built equally of both mental confidence, and competence combined and has very little to do with physical attributes or social status.
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Men hate to be lied too
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some common primal feelings and beliefs that lie in almost all men. Understanding these inner secrets, thoughts, desires
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