Holding Out For A Hero, Elizabeth Coldwell, Eva Hore, Conrad Lawrence, Stephen Albrow, Virginia Beech, Avi Moskovitz
Elizabeth Coldwell,Eva Hore,Conrad Lawrence,Stephen Albrow,Virginia Beech,Avi Moskovitz

Holding Out For A Hero

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed, sexually explicit themes.

Holding out for a Hero by Elizabeth Coldwell

The guy blended in with the crowd at the party, but when he overhears her fantasy he is only too happy to play it out with her. Little did she know he would show her how it was really done.

Prima Voltadel Samantha by Avi Moskovitz and Conrad Lawrence

A first date turns her into something she never thought she could be. She had just been thinking that every day seemed to be the same. When the man comes into her life, she is proved that she is totally wrong.

Stocking Fetish by Eva Hore

She had always thought her flatmate was hot, but spying on her out of curiosity really made her appreciate just how hot. It’s funny that being a fly on the wall really shows you parts of people you never knew existed.

Layla Praises Cane by Virginia Beech

Whoever knew a chance meeting with a kinky thief would turn her into a sex goddess. She had to punish the naughty man for stealing from the shop she worked for.

The Motor Mechanic by Stephen Albrow

She got dressed up to deliberately tease the mechanic. She pretended she couldn’t pay him. Unfortunately she had to pay a price for her sins. Luckily the mechanic seemed completely capable of teaching her the lesson.

These stories have also been published in Whip Me ISBN 9781905170920
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