Author Launch Pad – How to Generate Free Publicity for your Book, Kerry McDuling
Kerry McDuling

Author Launch Pad – How to Generate Free Publicity for your Book

Every author believes that their newly published book is special and unique, and therefore deserves to be read. However, many authors are unsure exactly how to get their book to market.

A few authors manage to strike it lucky and some media interest is created organically, perhaps through the efforts of the publisher, or the author is already famous. However, the reality is that publishers only tend to invest time and money into marketing the books of authors who are already best-sellers. This means that most first-time authors are left to fend for themselves, and many have no idea where to begin!

If you want your book to be read by anyone other than your immediate family and supportive friends (no matter how long ago it was published), then this step-by-step guide is for you!

It is definitely possible for you to promote your own book, and have it reviewed and featured in magazines, newspapers (online and print), and even on radio or TV, without spending thousands of dollars on a professional book publicist.

In this easy-to-follow guide, Kerry McDuling, an experienced book publicist will share the powerful secrets of generating media recognition. Discover the tricks of the trade right now, and launch your book (and author status) into the stratosphere.
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