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Michelle Finlay

Everyday English for Grown-ups

A poor command of English is a considerable obstacle in almost every walk of life, from conducting business to dealing with everyday problems. This book takes you back to the basics; the simple rules and tricks that will help anyone to master the language. Rather than a guide to everything you would ever want to know about the English language, it is a basic companion to the nuts and bolts - designed to help native and non-native speakers alike to speak and write correct and unambiguous English in any situation, business or personal.

The book offers advice on many different areas including the writing of letters, reports and other texts, where it is often vital to convey meaning and purpose simply and clearly. It also includes sections on sentences, parts of speech, punctuation, and common pitfalls to avoid.

For anyone who wants a perfect introduction of how English should be written or spoken, Michelle Finlay's excellent Everyday English is the book for you. Finlay is an author and former copywriter for Penguin Books.
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Michael O'Mara Books
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    Here are some examples (well there’s one already):
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    Stationery/Stationary Paper and envelopes/Remain still

    Канцеларијски материјал / стационарни папир и коверте / остају непомични

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    tense tells us about the time of the action (now, in the past, in the future). The person refers to who is carrying out the action: first person singular (I); second person singular (you/thou); third person singular (he, she, it); first person plural (we); second person plural (you plural); and third person plural (they).

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