David Fields,Fred Weintraub

Bruce Lee, Woodstock And Me

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Fred Weintraub is the Hollywood legend you've never heard of. This visionary showman founded the landmark club The Bitter End in Greenwich Village; started the careers of Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Woody Allen and Neil Diamond; championed the making of the “Woodstock” film (saving Warner Bros. Pictures in the process); discovered the martial arts sensation Bruce Lee and produced the classic film “Enter the Dragon,” along with forty other motion pictures with such stars as Steve McQueen, George C. Scott, Robert Duvall, Kirsten Dunst and dozens of others. In his insightful, funny, bawdy memoir, Weintraub bangs heads with foreign dictators; mobsters; movie executives; difficult stars; and red-baiting producers—and bangs headboards with a lusty succession of Sexual Revolutionary women on his fifty-year journey through the entertainment business. It's a trip you won't want to miss.
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