Leni Zumas

Red Clocks

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"‘Intense, beautifully crafted … Her talent is electric. Get ready for a shock’ Guardian
"This is a work of fiction. Keep telling yourself that."

America has changed. For women, it has changed for the worse.
Ro, a single high-school teacher, is desperate to become a mother. But with IVF now illegal — along with abortion and other reproductive rights — parenthood looks increasingly unlikely for her. Her best friend Susan is trapped in a failing marriage with two children, her star student Mattie is unwillingly pregnant and Gin, an outcast offering other women natural remedies, has become the centre of a modern-day witch-hunt.
With warmth, wit and ferocious inventiveness, Red Clocks shows us an all-too plausible near-future: like The Handmaid’s Tale, it is a call to arms, set to become a modern classic.
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    Мариje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
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    Eh. Very choppy, the book doesn’t “flow”. Very similar to handmaid’s tale, but not as entertaining.

    b6961563611je podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
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    Мариje citiralaпре 2 године
    “What do you call a time-traveling flower shop?”
    Ro/Miss raises one eyebrow.
    “Back to the Fuchsia,” says the daughter.
    Мариje citiralaпре 2 године
    Somebody’s mom came to class who’s a dental hygienist and said even the nub of an adult tooth growing in still needs to be brushed.
    Мариje citiralaпре 2 године
    “Which roots and herbs, exactly?”
    She’s one of those people who think they will understand something if they hear its name, when really they will only hear its name.

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