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There are also rumors that most of the cameras are just empty cases. Still, I try to look as if I have a purpose. If someone asks what I’m doing in this particular cemetery, and why I’m here in the middle of the night, I have an excellent explanation

Why are they watching them?

The nerve endings of a woman’s genitals are sparse for an erogenous zone—and, of course, I scrupulously avoid letting the sample touch my most sensitive spots—but if a man got a dose of capsaicin around his urethra it would be quite

Hmm why does it only affect men?

The lower lip doesn’t lie.

What is she buying? Drugs?

Understandable. If you’re engaging in illegal activity in the wee hours of the night in a corner of a cemetery, you don’t want to run into surprises like me

Hmm sos he’s in control of the situation

Since I’m a married eloi I can’t get them without a doctor’s prescription for valid health reasons, because mascos determine the size of a family. I don’t want a baby. It might be a girl.
Religion offers easy answers to your problems, ready-chewed moral guidelines, and it has the bonus of getting people to monitor their own behavior.
I realized some other things, too. At first vaguely, then more and more clearly. That there were people who knew more than I did. People in high places, and from those high places they could see things that ordinary people can’t see. Not just see them, but do things behind the scenes to influence my life in ways I couldn’t predict.
It’s childish and sentimental and stupid, but I’ll let myself pretend anyway. I don’t feel any terrible affinity for religious beliefs, but I understand how some aspects of religion can be a comfort
Marriage and the position of natural dominance and regular enjoyment of sexual intercourse—so important to a man’s personal well-being—that marriage provides are fundamental rights that the state should have granted and protected for the good of society instead of allowing deviant behaviors to foment to the point of acts of murder.
You have to learn to appreciate your spouse just as she is, a creature of instinct, driven by hormones. Repetition, rewards, and reinforcement are the cornerstones of an eloi’s understanding. In token of her gratitude, your wife will be obedient, loyal, and willing to give unceasing love and devotion.
It hurt. But maybe you weren’t afraid to hate me because you knew very well that I would still love you, unconditionally, no matter what you did. Like a little child who can shout at her parents and say she wishes they were dead and still trust that they will never abandon her.
I will never abandon you.
I’m sure it would never occur to them that such things happen all the time. An angry, frustrated, or otherwise dissatisfied masco fulfilling his duty to instruct with a slightly too heavy hand. It’s so common and tacitly accepted that it’s usually punished with a sentence of only a couple of years, and half of that on parole. We could no doubt expect the same for Harri.
I was garbed as an eloi should be when she goes to meet a masco, and I noticed that Jare didn’t recognize me at first among all the other elois who were trying to stand out from all the other elois by wearing nearly identical clothing and makeup
There was something indescribably touching about that. You really thought that ring on your finger was a magic charm that would let you live happily ever after
Human beings are the pinnacle of creation, able to use rational, organized methods to place themselves outside nature, to control nature. But no sooner have they said that than they start invoking what is “natural,” and to whom, and how such and such is the “natural order” of things. And for some reason these definitions are almost always applied to elois.
That’s understandable. Your body needs fuel continuously.
But the way an eloi has to darken her eyelashes every morning, cover her skin with colored cream, powder her nose and forehead all day so it doesn’t shine, freshen her lipstick over and over, and then take it all off at night. It’s like the myth of Sisyphus in Hades, rolling the rock up the hill just to watch it roll down again
I marched inside to do some research. According to one book, a person’s individual smell was an important factor in mating. The hair in the armpits and on the groin traps special odors that exude their scent to those close by. This made shaving seem even more stupid than I’d thought. Why purposely destroy a physical characteristic specifically linked to the survival of the species?
This new rule about hair was inconsistent, though. I was supposed to let the hair on my head grow long so no one would mistake me for a morlock. And I was supposed to wear a bikini in the summer because elois liked to wear bikinis in the summer. So if the hair on my head was so sacred, why should the hair farther down have to be kept out of sight, particularly when I was supposed to wear clothes that were obviously going to show it?
Then Aulikki suggested I shave my armpits as well, and I asked if I should shave off my eyebrows, too. I meant it as a joke, but Aulikki said that it might be a good idea to start plucking them now, and I should keep my leg hair under control, too
It had romantic stories, written in the simplest sentences, about elois competing for the same masco, and one girl would always get him in the end through feminine wiles. There were pictures of elegant weddings and instructions on ladylike behavior and proper dress
She started to laugh. The pear smell of amusement mixed with the lemon of worry. “Never, ever ask ‘why’ when they’re around. You see, those men don’t like little girls who are too smart and curious. Remember the story about the feisty shepherd girl who was really a princess under her ragged clothes?”
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