Smoke & Mirrors, Michael Faudet
Michael Faudet

Smoke & Mirrors

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Michael Faudet’s latest book takes the reader on an emotionally charged journey, exploring the joys of falling madly in love and the melancholy world of the brokenhearted. Beautifully captured in poetry, prose, and short stories, Faudet's whimsical and sometimes erotic writing has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of readers from around the world.
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Bagul Bazarova
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Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine.
b0144100346je citiraoпре 9 дана
Just Hold Me Tight

You can’t remove my scars or rewrite the past that haunts me. Just hold me tight and tell me everything’s going to be okay.
hje citiraoпре 12 дана
Sometimes bittersweet.
Other times, walking that delicate fine line between dirty and delightfully pretty.
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