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Guide To Pregnancy: What To Expect When You're Expecting Your First Baby

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Having a baby is one of life's most monumental and life-changing events. You are bringing a new life into the world, a helpless baby who will be dependent on you for their safety, happiness and well-being for many years to come. It's a big responsibility, but also one of the most rewarding things a woman can do in her lifetime.

This guide seeks to offer women advice on the topic of pregnancy. It covers how to properly prepare for pregnancy and how to get through those all important nine months. It looks at first and second pregnancies and what you might expect from labor.


Near enough everyone you meet will have some form of advice for you regarding your pregnancy and birth. Every experience is different but many will be invaluable. Here are six tips to get you started.

Healthy Eating is not just for Moms Did you know that your baby’s taste buds start to form at 15 weeks? Your baby will be able to taste all the different flavors in your food and may even develop preferences. Strangely enough, unborn babies are thought to be fond of strong flavors like garlic and curry. Trying your best to eat a wide variety of foods during pregnancy can actually help you avoid having a fussy eater later on.

Don’t Listen to Horror Stories While it’s certainly a good idea to be prepared and armed with all the facts, it’s not advisable to listen to other women’s horror stories. Most women will know someone who had a difficult time in pregnancy or during labor, and some will be only too keen to share. Every pregnancy and birth is different and just because something bad happened to someone else, it doesn’t mean it will happen to you. If you persist in listening to tales of woe, you’ll likely be stressed and less able to cope with the demands of your own pregnancy. It’s a vicious circle and one that you can definitely do without. It’s natural to want to hear about other people’s experiences with labor, but it’s a great idea to stick to more positive birthing stories.

Keep a Pregnancy Diary Keeping a pregnancy journal or diary has many benefits. Not only will it help keep you calm by providing a medium in which you can explore your feelings about pregnancy and your impending arrival, it will also help you track your progress and remind you that one day your baby will finally arrive. Later on, it will serve as a wonderful reminder of this happy time; one that in due course you can share with your child. You might also consider writing a pregnancy blog so your friends and family can stay updated with all the latest news.

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