Neil Hoechlin

Futures, Options Trading and Investing Book for Beginners and Beyond

Uncertainty and risk go hand in hand with money-making opportunities. Services, goods, and basic materials will probably undergo major price swings at one time or another during the next 20 years. The markets are volatile, and they will only keep increasing. The chances for sustainable trends that last for decades, and the way the stock market rallied in the ‘80s and ‘90s are now less likely than they were a few years ago.
Trading options and futures is not gambling. It is speculating. It is also about gathering information, and making judgment calls on circumstances that are unfolding. Futures and options trading is a process of self-protection, and continuing education.
What you will learn in this book
The futures markets are resurging. They are also likely to be hot for many years, given the political landscape. The emergence of India and China as economic powers and consumers, and the changing world demographics, and the changing politics in the Middle East are likely to fuel the increasing prominence of these markets.
This ebook will introduce you to these markets, and equip you with the necessary tools for:

>Trading, analyzing, or simply gaining a better understanding of how money works, and impacts your daily life.
>Getting started in improving your knowledge on how markets work.
>Learning that time is on your side in bond and stock markets, but your enemy in the futures and options markets.
>Remembering that measuring your return of money is more important than the return on your money.
Investors in the past could afford to buy and hold stocks or mutual funds for a long time. Today, the world calls for a trader. The futures and options markets, despite the high risk involved, offer some of the best profit-making opportunities during volatile times.
You need to get ready to work as a trader, a geopolitical analyst, an expert in the oil markets, and a money manager. You will learn to keep up with news on economy, weekly oil supply trends, disruptions in oil supply, weather patterns, and the stock market, both in the micro and macro universe.
As a futures and options trader, you need to do the same with your contract. You must also learn to pay attention to time factors, especially the expiration dates and how much time you have left to decide whether to exercise your option. Always remember that successful traders:
>Design a solid plan, follow it, and make adjustments to fit changing conditions
>See trading as a business
>Are disciplined in both their professional and personal lives
>Understand the game they are playing, including the risks
>Accept that they will make mistakes
>Learn from their mistakes
>Never trade without having an exit strategy
>Never risk money that they cannot afford to lose
>Never allow a bad trade to result in a margin call
You may see yourself as a dummy in the world of futures and options markets. After reading this ebook, however, you will learn how trading options and futures is done, and how to stay in the game for as long as you want. You will realize that the more knowledge you have, the better you can position yourself in the game, and play with confidence.

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