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Marg D. Wright

The Plant-Based Diet CookBook

A plant-based diet is a type of diet based on real whole foods derived from plants, including nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, vegetables and whole grain with little or no animal products. A plant-based diet is a health beneficiary diet that contains alot of natural nutrients that is not usually available in processed animal foods.

A plant-based diet assists in reducing high blood sugar, increasing weight loss, preventing type 2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases, several heart related dieseases and adding to the life longetivity of an individual.

This Plant-Based Diet CookBook is the complete plant-based diet cookbook for any plant-based diet beginner, vegetarian or veteran vegan with the desire for new, easy to cook and delicious plant based recipes to enjoy.

For easier understanding and seamless use, this Plant-Based Diet CookBook has been sub-categorized into different chapters such as: breakfast recipes, salad & dressing, main dish, side dish, soup and smoothie recipes.
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