Kendall Ryan

The Impact of You

  • milenawne2503je citiraoпре 6 месеци
    His lingering gaze rakes boldly over my body, and I feel the nervous lurch of my stomach. The sights and sounds of the room fade away. Yeah, he’s pretty
  • Evangeline Barnesje citiraoпре 13 дана
    I cling to them because their flamboyant personalities mask my non-existent on
  • rabamerilynje citiraoпре 3 месеца
    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

    - Mae West
  • rabamerilynje citiraoпре 3 месеца
    To girls everywhere who have made mistakes.

    Forgive yourself.

    Then let it go.
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