Ben Igwe


Undaunted by hardship, a determined widow, Uridiya, arranges a wife of her choice for her Western-educated only son. Little does she know that her son, Jamike, had fallen in love and married a foreigner against her wishes and the expectations of his village. In a show of love, loyalty, and commitment he rejects the arranged wife to the disappointment of his mother and the community. Can his defiance succeed against all odds? Set in an Igbo village in Eastern Nigeria from the late 1950-s to early 1970-s and in the United States in the early 1970s, the author sympathetically handles the powerlessness of the widow in rural African societies and addresses it with candor and sensitivity to the problems of race, human sexuality, cultural disengagement and the role of love in blurring the color line.
372 štampane stranice
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    I really enjoyed this book.

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