Trish Morey

The Trouble With Choices

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A one-night fling with the best man at her brother's wedding comes with unintended consequences, and school teacher Sophie Faraday is faced with a choice every woman dreads.

Older sister Beth is doing life tough. A single mum and paramedic, she just wants to get by and pay off the mortgage. She's not looking for love. So when friendship with Harry, the local handyman turns more serious Beth gets cold feet. She doesn't deserve love — not after what she's done.

Hannah, Beth's older twin by minutes, likes animals better than people, and with good reason. But when Irishman Declan brings an injured joey to her vet surgery, Hannah feels tempted. But losing her heart would mean revealing a long-held secret — and that would mean risking everything.

Choices come with consequences, and three sisters have never needed each other more. Together, can they discover that sometimes the wrong choices can still lead you to the right places?

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