He Said, Sidhe Said, Tanya Huff
Tanya Huff

He Said, Sidhe Said

158 štampanih stranica
A collection of urban fantasy stories from the author whose Blood Books inspired the TV series Blood Ties.
In these seven contemporary fantasies from Tanya Huff, we see a dog’s eye view of loyalty and a cat’s eye view of sea serpents. We learn that some Brownies could use a shave—although cookies will still be sold—and that there are at least two sides to every relationship, no matter how accidental and/or mythical that relationship is. We’re also reminded that however worthwhile it may be to die with purpose, it’s better to live well. Huff’s ability to leaven heartache with humor—and vice versa—gives this collection of previously published stories an unexpected emotional variety.
“I definitely enjoyed a preponderance of the stories in He Said, Sidhe Said—and thus I recommend it to any fan of Tanya Huff, or of quirky urban fantasy.” —Errant Dreams
“I really enjoyed this book . . . Even if you aren’t a fan of short stories this book has a lot of offer.” —The Quillery
“Huff is a marvelous talent whose vibrant characterizations and intelligent prose make each and every book a very special reading experience. Bring on the next verse!” —Romantic Times
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