Diana Watson

A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Self

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If you found a book that would make you laugh, cry, think, experience personal introspection, evoke emotions–good and disconcerting at times; however, ultimately evolve as a human being–would you be interested in reading it? If so, then “A Spiritual Journey through Life and Self” is just such a book. This book addresses subjects in life, from the womb to death, in a deep and profound way through meaningful, easy to understand verse. It serves as an enlightening, spiritual guide to support the readers through the highs and lows of their lives, as well as enhance their coping skills. I strongly feel after reading this book, the reader will be on their way to evolving into a more enlightened and compassionate human being.

In this sad, full of negativity and polarized world we live in, I cannot think of a more appropriate time to read this meaningful book, to perhaps help turn the tide in our world from one of negativity to one of love.

A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Self is a Keeper. It makes a Perfect Gift to give yourself and others. A gift, which will enrich your life and relationships, for many years to come.

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