Anne Mather

An Heir Made In The Marriage Bed

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One night back in her husband’s bed…
The inability to have a child left Joanna and Matt Novak’s passionate marriage in tatters. But when Joanna asks her tycoon husband for a divorce, Matt makes it clear he expects them to remain married…in the most intimate of ways!
As tempers flare, the raging desire between them explodes — just once more, Matt and Joanna give into the thrill of each other’s touch.
In the shattering aftermath of their explosive encounter, they agree to part ways…until Joanna discovers one tiny consequence to their night together — she's carrying Matt’s baby!
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    b2571649512je podelio/la utisakпре 8 месеци
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    Anne Mather is just very predicable. She seems to have gone into a realm of utter crap

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