In Every Woman's Life, Alix Shulman
Alix Shulman

In Every Woman's Life

An insightful story of three women that wittily portrays the pleasures and pitfalls of marriage, parenthood, and being female in middle-class America
After the turmoil of the feminist movements of the 1960s and ’70s, three women are drawn together by family and friendship. Rosemary Streeter is a married mother of two who believes in the strength of family—even while having an affair. For Rosemary, “marriage is about family. It’s about raising children. It’s an economic arrangement. Passion has nothing to do with it, except maybe to get it started.” Meanwhile, hard-nosed, glamorous, and successful journalist Nora Kennedy claims to enjoy the freedom of being unmarried and childless, but secretly fantasizes about living with her married boyfriend. Rosemary’s teenage daughter, Daisy, struggles to acquire the wisdom of womanhood in the confusion of 1980s America.  Rich with humor and compassion about the complexities of marriage and everyday life, In Every Woman’s Life . . . offers a fresh perspective on the role of women in society and on the American family.
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