John Harvey

Neon Madman

The final entry in the groundbreaking series of hardboiled British mysteries starring Scott Mitchell, the toughest detective to ever call London home.
The ledge isn’t quite wide enough for Scott Mitchell to stand, but he’ll have to make it work. He keeps his balance just long enough to get a few quick snaps of the motel room opposite, where a client’s wife is enjoying a spirited act of adultery and has no idea that she’s been caught on film. It’s sleazy work, but anything that keeps Mitchell’s wallet fat and his hide safe is fine by him. But he took this case because it carried not a hint of danger—so why is somebody trying to kill him?
The West Indian man bursts into Mitchell’s office threatening to tear him apart. Mitchell talks him down before the man is able to break any limbs—or, God forbid, his camera—but he still hasn’t got a clue who the intruder is, or how he’s tied up in the adultery case. And when this simple bit of divorce work goes from quick and easy to slow and deadly, Mitchell will have to move fast if he wants to stay alive.
The final novel in the series that brought the American hardboiled style to Britain, Neon Madman is perfect for fans of Raymond Chandler and John D. MacDonald. Scott Mitchell was one of the first hardboiled British private investigators, and he remains the best.
Neon Madman is the 4th book in the Scott Mitchell Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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