Meagan Mckinney

The Ground She Walks Upon

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An “intriguing . . . skillfully told” Irish historical romance with a mystical Celtic twist from the award–winning author (Chattanooga News-Free Press).
“You are the guardian of this ring, my son, and upon your shoulders the burden of it falls.” 
The ring bears the fateful sign of the serpent, and ancient Celtic legend decrees that every Trevallyan heir must wed the woman who possesses an identical ring.
The orphaned granddaughter of a woman blessed with the gift of second sight, Ravenna grows to womanhood amid dark rumors about Lord Niall Trevallyan. Drawn against her will to the brooding aristocrat, Ravenna vows to marry only for love, unaware that her destiny and Lord Trevallyan’s are inextricably linked.
Born on the night of the Druid feast—the most magical time of the Celtic year—Niall must pay the price for the lands his family ruled, or tragedy will befall him and his descendants. Now the woman he has sworn never to love is the one he must wed. But first he will have to win her heart.
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    "I'm not here to die for her. I'm here to die just for the ground she walks upon."

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