Keith Harris

The Cube and other stories

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All of these stories or monologues explore the human condition. The lives of men and women are viewed through a microscope analysing self doubt, weakness, delusion, egotism and sheer vanity. At the same time most tales are peppered with irony and humour that allow us to laugh at ourselves.

In ‘The Cube’ the intolerable demands of home and work begin to submerge the psyche of a woman committed to both, but collapsing under the constant weight of modern life.

‘Till Death’, a reversal of the famous story of the wives of a small US town, turns the focus on the males.

‘The Fake’ explores the stunning depths of artistic vanity and self delusion that engulfs a Master painter in this complex semi-monologue about the act of creation in a journey that produces the ultimate forgery.
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