Chaos to Control: A Practical Guide to Getting Things Done, Ciara Conlon
Ciara Conlon

Chaos to Control: A Practical Guide to Getting Things Done

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Are you drowning in your work? Do you find you never have enough time to do everything you have to do? Chaos to Control teaches you how to take back control of your life in order to achieve your personal success.

This book helps you to focus on achieving your personal and professional goals; decrease your physical and mental clutter; use technology and social networking sites effectively; understand how optimism is a key ingredient of productivity; recognise why productive leaders are fundamental to organisational success; stop procrastinating and create positive productive habits; and move from being overwhelmed to a calm state of control.

Chaos to Control gives hope to even the most disorganised individual; its practical step-by-step approach shows you how you can achieve more in your working life and personal life.

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Tatiana  Yanovich
Tatiana Yanovichje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
👍Vredna čitanja

В своей сути - набор клише и очевидных советов. Но все красиво разложено по полочкам и просто для восприятия. Может быть полезно действительно не организованному человеку.

Olena Arabadzhy
Olena Arabadzhyje citiralaпре 2 године
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Begin with the end in mind.” Being


Marina Lubasheva
Marina Lubashevaje citiralaпре 7 месеци
Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”
– Seneca
Marina Abramova
Marina Abramovaje citiraoпрошле године
Having a vision for the future, which you are passionate about, helps you to connect with your daily tasks on a higher level
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