Laura Greenwood,L.A. Boruff,Lacey Carter Andersen

Feline The Burn

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Callie's Check List
1. Turn yourself over to a tyrant.
2. Freak out because everyone is mad.
3. Try not to lose your cat.
4. Make the hot firemen yours.
5. Work out how to do magic.
I've found everything I searched for. I know the truth—And it is a doozy. Now that my uncle has helped me unlock my powers, I have to officially abdicate my claim to the throne.
Except, everyone is so mad at me. They think I should double cross him before he betrays me.
All I want to do is keep my cat, keep my guys, and if I can liberate an entire coven in the process, that would be amazing.
— Feline the Burn is book three of the Firehouse Feline Series, a paranormal reverse harem with a side of laughter and plenty of heat (and it's not just coming from the fire!)
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