Morgan Christopher Hudson

Enneagram Self-Discovery

Do You want to discover more about yourself for self-awareness and personal growth?
​Would you like to know how to understand others better for success in relationships and at the workplace? If so, read on…
Being able to know oneself better on why they think, feel and act a certain way offer many benefits because not only does this boost one's personal success, it could also improve on their relationship with others.

And while personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs could assist on this goal, another option one could check out is called The “Enneagram of Personality” or “Enneagram”.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality tool that  features nine interconnected personality types. Finding out more about these types can uncover one's unique path towards self-discovery and personal growth.

The key is finding a simple and easy-to-follow Enneagram guide with practical strategies to help you achieve on becoming your best self.

In this complete step-by-step guide, Enneagram Self-Discovery: Easy-to-Follow Essential Guide on How to Uncover your Unique Path with the 9 Enneagram Personality Types to Build Self-Awareness and Achieve Personal Growth, you will discover:

— How to best understand the Enneagram Personality Types — and how it can best help develop your personal growth.

— The effective way to discover your Personality Type — and the benefits that goes with it

— The 9 Enneagram Personality Types — each explained in detail and how it applies to you the best:

-Seeking integrity and balance
-Love is the desire
-Being Valued 
-Being Unique
-Achieving Understanding of Oneself
-Finding Reassurance
-Seeking Contentment
-Protecting Oneself
-Having Peace of Mind

— Putting it all together — and an Important Takeaway for Success

…and much, much more!

— Bonus 1: Includes a Bonus Chapter: "How to Apply your Personality Type to your Relationships"
— Bonus 2: Includes Book Preview: «How to Analyze People Effectively»
With easy-to-follow techniques and step-by-step details on each chapter — even if you have never tried using the Enneagram before or have tried other Personality Tests in the past but struggled using the information effectively, you will find actionable strategies in this book that are both simple and practical to use in getting the results you want.

So if you want to discover more about yourself and others using an easy-to-follow Enneagram guide, simply click on the “Buy Now” button to get started.
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  • Linea Rosenberg Jørgensenje citiraoпре 4 године
    Type Nine men often end up with type Four women.
  • Linea Rosenberg Jørgensenje citiraoпре 4 године
    They are ignorant of the fact that they get angry at all.
  • Linea Rosenberg Jørgensenje citiraoпре 4 године
    important to realize that it’s impossible to truly share a deep and loving relationship if they are unable to fully be honest with themselves and others.

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