Joseph Conrad

The Nigger Of The "Narcissus"

Joseph Conrad wrote many stories and novellas about his sea voyages and adventures. The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' is one of the best works if his early period. The novella is narrated by a dying West Indian black sailor, James Wait, who talks about the dangers he encounters when travelling from Bombay to London on board of a merchant ship Narcissus. Wait is suffering from tuberculosis, as his condition worsens, the sailor's fate appears in the hands of ship's crew. The author explores many profound questions in this piece among which: the meaning of life, suffering, as well as the human's struggle for survival. Illustrated by Andronum.
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    The true peace of God begins at any spot a thousand miles from the nearest
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    does not matter. The sea and the earth are unfaithful to their children: a truth, a faith, a generation of men goes—and is forgotten, and it does not matter! Except, perhaps, to the few of those who believed the truth, confessed the faith—or loved the men.
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    their hearts the sentimental voices that bewailed the hardness of their fate. It was a fate unique and their own; the capacity to bear it appeared to them the privilege of the chosen! Their generation lived inarticulate and, indispensable, without knowing the sweetness of affections or the refuge of a home—and died free from the dark menace of a narrow grave. They were the everlasting children of the mysterious sea. Their successors are the grown-up children of a discontented earth. They are less naughty, but less innocent; less profane, but perhaps also less believing; and if they have learned how to speak they have also learned how to whine. But the others were strong and mute; they were effaced, bowed and enduring, like stone caryatides that hold up in the night the lighted halls of a resplendent and glorious edifice. They are gone now—and it

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