David Kundtz


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Learn how to step back when life’s pace gets overwhelming in this insightful guide to mental balance and wellbeing.
We are always on the go. Balancing work, family, friends, and everything in between is a never-ending cycle that can easily lead to burnout. It becomes easy to forget the beauty of the smaller moments. Sometimes we even forget ourselves. In Stopping, Dr. David Kundtz offers a simple yet powerful corrective to the manic pace of modern life.
Stopping is a gift to yourself: a chance to breathe and regain a clearer vision of who and where you are. Stopping helps you find your inner balance and get a fresh perspective on your day, the challenges ahead, or your life overall. Kundtz tells you how and when to stop—whether it’s a momentary pause or a longer period of quiet and stillness—and gives you insights into the key questions you should be asking.
With this valuable guide, you will learn to:Connect with the spiritual aspects of your lifeAcknowledge when you need to take a step backUse proper coping tactics to create healthier habits
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