Picnic in Provence, Elizabeth Bard
Elizabeth Bard

Picnic in Provence

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When Elizabeth Bard followed a handsome Frenchman up the spiral staircase to a love nest in the heart of Paris, they thought they had found their perfect home.

But life had other ideas. Falling in love with a quirky house full of history on a last romantic jaunt before the birth of their first child, Elizabeth and Gwendal decide to move – lock, stock and Le Creuset – to the French countryside; a land of blue skies, lavender fields and peaches that taste like sunshine.

Part memoir, part chocolate-smudged family cookbook, 'Picnic in Provence' is about everything that happens after the happily ever after, and reminds us that life, in and out of the kitchen, is a rendezvous with the unexpected.
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Andriani.Sje citiralaпре 4 године
But my life is already so different from what I imagined it would be
Ирина Корбут
Ирина Корбутje citiralaпре 4 године
I sat on my doubts the way you sit on an overstuffed suitcase, just so you can close the lock.
Ильда Гадеа
Ильда Гадеаje citiralaпре 4 године
As it turns out

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