Scott Moore,Howard Krum,Patty Hogan,Roy Yanong

An Animal Life: The Beginning

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Veterinary School— the Holy Grail and brass ring for animal lovers the world over.

An ex K-9 cop, a standardbred harness racer and a Brooklyn-born beauty queen walk into a bar…  Add a rabbi, an Olympic gymnast, a loudmouth jerk, and a rough-hewn commercial fisherman from Maine and it must be Friday Night Happy Hour at the School of Veterinary Medicine.  Come along with Jack, Hoss, Kerri and the other first-year students of the Death Row Crew as they navigate the irreverent, malodorous, demanding and exciting new world of veterinary medicine… their previously disparate lives become entwined in An Animal Life (and they wouldn't want it any other way).

An Animal Life: The Beginning is a scientific medical mystery (animals and people are dying) and a quest for True Love (with a real cowboy) that unfolds as newbie first-year students struggle to survive the academic gauntlet of veterinary school.  If you love animals and ever wondered about going to vet school, here's your chance to experience the joys and challenges without being kicked, scratched or bitten and at 0.00001% the cost of tuition.
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