Using Autoresponder to Make Money, Peter Diablo
Peter Diablo

Using Autoresponder to Make Money

This e-book will give you the basic outline for what is involved in starting an autoresponder email service yourself.

1. You sign up to an autoresponder service. Large proportions of these services are free. But each service differs in the services that they provide.

2. Set up your autoresponder messages in a sequence that you want your prospects to receive them.

3. Cut and paste your html code etc., provided by your autoresponder service so that your prospects can sign-up to your email list from your web site.

This is a basic 3 step process which gives you an outline of just how simple this set-up process is. The real skill, mentioned in step 2 above, although not difficult, is in writing the autoresponder messages you are going to send to your signed-up prospects. There is a need for a real structure and purpose in the way you attempt this task. I will tell you how to do it in this useful e-book.
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