Demian, Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse


«All I really wanted was to try and live the life that was spontaneously welling up within me. Why was that so very difficult?»Generations of readers have recognized the impassioned cry that introduces the young narrator of Demian, and embraced this tale of a troubled young man's struggle toward self-awareness. Initially published in Berlin in 1919, the novel met with instant critical acclaim, as well as great popular success among people seeking answers amid the devastating aftermath of World War I.A brilliant psychological portrait of an individual's departure from social conventions in the search for spiritual fulfillment, Demian encompasses many of the themes associated with Hermann Hesse, its Noble Prize–winning author, particularly the duality of human nature and the quest for inner peace.Considered an important work in the evolution of 20th-century European literature, this perceptive coming-of-age novel enjoys a particular resonance with young adults, a fact that has made Demian a perennial favorite in schools and colleges all over the world. This inexpensive edition, featuring an excellent new English translation, is sure to be welcomed by teachers and students, and by the legions of confirmed Hesse fans.
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Demian, Hermann Hesse


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I cant read this full ???? Im only 14 years old and Im really effin'ly curious about this book because of BTS WINGS. Why do I need to pay a hundred and twenty-nine to read this book for a month. If others read this,please tell me where should I read this book FOR FREE.

teteihlawnchhingje podelio/la utisakпре 4 године

I am here because of BANGTAN SONYEONDAN, ANd i love it

Fabiha Easha
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I am an ARMY and I'm trying to read this because BTS has to be sooo freakin confusing and Rap Mon wants ARMYs to read more books. Btw their new MV is better than amazing. It's really hard to describe it. I hope I could find somewhere else I could read this.


kpopMoje citiraoпре 4 године
Two worlds coincided there, day and night issued from two poles.
Syetaje citiraoпре 3 године
Every person’s life is a journey toward himself,
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I often ardently perceived a longing for relief, the desire for a proper confession, but I also felt in advance that I would be unable to tell and explain things correctly to either my father or mother. I knew that they would receive my words amicably, they would carefully spare my feelings, in fact, pity me, but they wouldn’t fully understand me, and the whole thing would be looked on as a sort of minor infraction, whereas it was actually my fate.
I know that many people won’t believe that a child not yet eleven is capable of such feelings. It is not to those people that I am telling my story. I’m telling it to those who have greater knowledge of humanity. An adult who has learned how to transform part of his emotions into thought processes notices that such thoughts aren’t present in a child, and then concludes that the experiences aren’t present, either. But only seldom in my life have I had such deep and painful experiences as I had then.

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