Citati iz knjige „The Changeling“ autora Kenzaburo Oe

if we resist the tendency to break—that is, to fall apart—not only will we ourselves remain intact, but we won’t hurt other people
That might have been, in part, because he was intrigued by the concept of self-sufficient living off the grid of civilization.
At times like that, he couldn’t help seeing himself as a lonely, isolated symbol of the generation gap, eating modernity’s dust.
But I think that just as there’s infinity and also a single instant in time, and just as the entire cosmos can coexist with a single particle,
he had somehow exiled himself to a solitary island with its own peculiar languag
He even began to wonder whether, by surrounding himself with beloved, familiar books and writing
The trick is figuring out how to protect your original voice while stripping away the veneer of borrowed styles.
According to Fukuzawa, virtually every word that’s used to describe people can be a two-sided coin. For example, depending on your tone, frugal can mean admirably thrifty or despicably stingy, while rough and ready could imply either courageousness or bellicosity. The exception, he says, is enbo. No matter how you look at it, enbo is a complete waste of time; there’s no way you can put a positive spin on envy, bitterness, and
, would be slighted or even looked upon with disdain. That reason was pure enbo: bitter, envious resentment.
Anyway, it seems as if almost everything is already an apparition to me, you know? Everyday life seems like television, and I can’t tell whether somebody is really here with me or not. I’m surrounded by apparitions. One day soon I, too, will stop being real, and I’ll become nothing more than a phantasm myself!
Just because there’s no machine attached to my private hallucinations, does that make them any less ‘real’ than the images on TV? I mean, what’s the basis for that kind of thinking
From his vantage point on the earthly, conscious side, he firmly believed in the existence of the Other Side, and that belief made the world on this side seem infinitely deeper and richer. Even if his Tagame adventure was nothing but a dream, he still embraced it as a positive experience
and even though Kogito was completely aware that Goro was dead, the intensity of their exchanges somehow seemed to overshadow that disturbing fact
Kogito was repeatedly struck by the fact that whatever the topic might turn out to be, it always seemed to be uncannily relevant to his current situation
Ha! I have to bury my imagination and my memories! What an end to a splendid career as an artist and storyteller!” And then, in the next stanza: “Well, I shall ask forgiveness for having lived on lies. And that’s that. But not one friendly hand! and where can I look for help?”
loathsome tirades to memory

отвратительные тирады в памяти

bequeath the collection

завещать коллекцию

The avalanche of media

Лавина СМИ

his wife’s face glimmering palely under the fluorescent lights of the study’s slanted ceiling.

лицо его жены мерцающие бледновато под люминесцентными лампами наклонным потолком исследования.

soporific cold medicine

усыпляющее лекарство от простуды

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