Lorrie O. Hewitt

Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels The Scouts (Episode Three) Pizza Party (Episode Four)

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Let's continue the journey with Aunt Tina to the quiet and secluded gated community located somewhere in Indiana.

We welcome your presence again to enter the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence Squirrels.

These extraordinary A.I. Squirrels are programmed mechanical devices that can imitate human intelligence and thought.

To humans, they look just like ordinary squirrels. However, these
robots have a unique capability of learning through simple observation.

Some people say this story never happened; others say it may have happened.  A few say it did happen.  At the end of this story, we hope you are asking yourself this question.

Do Artificial Intelligence Squirrels really exist?
It's up to you to be the judge.
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