Elizabeth Coldwell,K.D. Grace,Chrissie Bentley,Rachel Kramer Bussel,Heidi Champa,Louis Kahan Nin,Roxanne Sinclair,Serles

Between the Sheets

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Between The Sheets is part of the Cocktales series, a fabulously flirty, deliciously naughty mix of stories that will tease and please even the most discerning palate. Brought to you by Xcite Books, winners of ETO’s Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Unique Visitors by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Head of a huge internet company, businesswoman Carla would never be suspected of being the  submissive mistress of the head of her biggest competitor. He arranges an orgy for the big players of the tech world – and raises the stakes by inviting a reporter too.

There’s A Cure For Almost Everything by Chrissie Bentley

Mark is laid up in hospital after an accident and has little to do but lie there, so he’s eternally thankful when ex-girlfriend Chrissie shows up to keep him company for an hour or two. What neither of them were expecting was for their old passion to reignite when she lends a helping hand for old time’s sake.

A Woman’s Body by Serles

A young woman sets her sights on becoming Homecoming Queen and decides to use her precious virginity to help her get the title. Convincing the most popular guy in school is easy, but when she decides she wants to be the local beauty queen too she’ll have to aim a lot higher than the most popular guy in school…

Room 555 by Heidi Champa

Beth is late for her visit with her dom and so needs to be punished when she shows up fifteen minutes late. Owen loves to tie her up and pleasure her in many ways but tonight she has earned a special kind of treatment.

Small Difference by Roxanne Sinclair

A freckle in a very private place is the only difference between twin brothers Mark and Phil. Phil has long lusted after his brother’s fiancée and decides that the best way to get a piece of her is to pretend to be his twin brother, but his freckle soon gets noticed and what happens afterwards will satisfy them both.

Miranda Absentia: Blackmailed in a Motel Room by Louis Kahn Nin

The Thug has caught Miranda masturbating out on the rooftop in the sun. He makes her a deal – he’ll keep her secret, and the pictures of it safe, if she yields to him. Proud Miranda wrestles with her choices before settling on one that feels like a win.

Accidental Hitchhiker by K. D. Grace

A good Samaritan turns up in the form of a gorgeous trucker when Liz’s car breaks down on the interstate. With nowhere to go she spends the night in his truck, and he is more than happy to help her keep warm in the most entertaining way possible.

The DILF Next Door by Elizabeth Coldwell

Jen has a crush on the man next door but stays away because he has too much baggage for her to handle. Until, that is, her best friend Lisa invites him to join their cocktail night. Fun and flirtation quickly lead to a mind-blowing threesome.
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