Sam Humphries

Just Run

Everything You Need to Know About Transforming a Beginner into a Marathoner and Beyond

Dreaming of finally becoming a runner and even finishing your first marathon keeping you up at night?
Let me take you by the hand and take you to your first marathon — even if you're a complete beginner!
Mentally, Emotionally and Physically tougher and stronger! These are the benefits you will get from this book.
Your health will improve. Your speed and endurance will get upgraded!

If you want to take the plunge and find out if there is a systematic and predictable way to improve your running skills, or if you can even accomplish your dreams of running a marathon someday? There is some great news for ya! I'm going to give you the guidance and teach you the things you need to achieve your running ambitions!

I promise you, you will get there!
Just learn the fundamentals, train regularly, stay on the path, and slowly but surely, you will achieve it!

Let this book serve as the blueprint and guidance to reaching the finish line.

Here's what you'll learn in the book:

What does it take to run a marathon?
Beginner level
The intermediate level
The advanced level.
Mental preparation
Set goals
10k goal
20k goal
30k goal
More than 30K
Running  solo
Running with another person
Play with the running gadgets
Train Smart
Proper form and breathing techniques
Which part of your foot should hit the ground?
Proper breathing
Training times
Morning schedule
Mid-morning schedule
Lunch-time schedule
Evening schedule
Different training styles
Slow pace training
Tempo Runs
Tempo Runs at a Consistent Pace
Tempo Repetitions
Interval Training
Hill training
Water training
Practical weight training
Tips to help you with weight training
Low back stretching
Calves stretching
Hip stretching
Strength Training
The crunch
Back Extensions
The Superman
Side plank
Training gear
A clean bill of health
Proper nutrition
There are foods that your body can use to help itself.
Rate the plate on a scale of 1 to 10
Assessing your eating habits
There is balance
Power foods to eat regularly
Here are a few ways to spruce up your vegetables
Calcium-rich foods
Healthy fats over unhealthy fats
Marathon training blueprint
Marathon race strategies
The night before
D-Day morning
Start of the race
and much more…

Read this book today!
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