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Robert Sheckley

Immortality, Inc

  • Maxim Balabinje citiraoпре 4 године
    For me, dreams, reveries, visions, and plans are meant only for contemplation, never for execution.
  • b1989134100je citiraoпре 4 месеца
    There was something of the fanatic about her, of the dedicated revolutionary; but he suspected that her cause was herself.
  • b1989134100je citiraoпре 4 месеца
    “Action isn’t my forte. I’m an expert on contemplation and mild regret.”
  • Maria Talatje citiralaпре 3 године
    nothing could be more revealing than what people did for pleasure. Through games and drunkenness, man exhibits his essential attitudes toward his environment, and shows his disposition toward the questions of life, death, fate and free will.
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    “I'm sure,” Blaine said. “I don't think anyone could forget the way they died. I remember mine very well. That was how I died.”
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    And Hull had said: “The deed of dying transcends class and breeding. It is every man's patent of nobility, his summons from the king, his knightly adventure. And how he acquits himself in that lonely and perilous enterprise is his true measure as a man.”
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    “Still, you can't call yourself a murderer because of one moment, one fraction of a second —”

    “How long does it take to shoot a bullet or to drive in a knife?” Blaine asked. “A fraction of a second! That's how long it takes to become a murderer.”

    “But Tom, you had no motive!”

    Blaine shook his head. “It's true that I didn't kill for gain or revenge. But then, I'm not that kind of murderer. That kind is relatively rare. I'm the grass-roots variety, the ordinary average guy with a little of everything in his makeup, including murder. I killed because, in that moment, I had the opportunity. My special opportunity, a unique interlocking of events, moods, train of thought, humidity, temperature, and lord knows what else, which might not have come up again in two lifetimes.”
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    Tyler-Blaine looked at her in annoyance, feeling his ulcer stir at the sound of that sharp, worried voice. Sharpest voice in all California, he told himself, and he'd married it. Sharp voice, sharp nose, sharp elbows and knees, breastless and barren to boot. Legs to support a body, but not for a second's delight. A belly for filling, not for touching. Of all the girls in California he'd doubtless picked the sorriest, just like the damn fool his Uncle Rafe always said he was
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    Uncertainty flooded her. Gosh, what if she had a baby? Tom had assured her it would be all right, but he was only nineteen. Was she right in doing this? They had talked about it often enough, and she had shocked him with her frankness. But talking and doing were very different things. What would Tom think of her if she said no? Could she make a joke out of it, pretend she'd just been teasing him?
  • Soliloquios Literariosje citiralaпре 5 година
    He respected the staunch and independent old Dyersen walking slowly back to his cottage, hoped young Sandy Thompson would return to Mars, felt regret for the warped and murderous Piggot, enjoyed his meeting with the serious and upright Juan Ramirez, felt mingled sorrow and contempt for the sly and ineffectual Ed Tyler, prayed for the best for pretty Janice Mariner.

    They were with him still. Good or bad, he wished them all well. They were his family now. Distant relatives, cousins and uncles he would never meet again, nieces and nephews upon whose destiny he would brood.

    Like all families they were a mixed lot; but they were his, and he could never forget them
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