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Anchit Jhamb,Swati Aggarwal


This book is a sincere effort to cover all those topics of e-commerce from different universities for the students of BBA, and MBA for which they have to gather notes and books from different places.
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    4) Retention- This is the fourth phase where a company tries to retain its loyal customers and this is the saturation point in the life of customer here company also try to get maximum prospective customers from the contact list of the customer
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    ) Reach- This is the first phase where a customer gets in touch with the company either to have queries or to purchase some product or service.

    2) Acquisition- This is the second phase where the acquiring of customer takes place means here the required product or service is sold to the customer and customer is taken as part of company.

    3) Conversion- This is the third phase where a company tries to convert the customer into a regular customer by providing an update to them regarding different products and schemes available with the company.

    4) Retention- T
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