Victoria Blisse,Kristina Wright,Deva Shore,Jennie Treverton,Scarlett Sanderson

Where Phone Sex Can Lead

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Five gloriously intimate stories about voluptuously curvaceous and sexily full-figured women, who know how to enjoy life to the full!

Where Phone Sex Can Lead by Deva Shore

When Carmen decided to branch out on her own it was because she had found a caller who managed to tickle her audio g-spot just by the sound of his voice. So much so that she decided to call him on a private line. When one thing leads to another, it's Carmen who lets her fingers do the walking on the telephone man.

Wanted, Exhibitionists by Jennie Treverton

Art for Art's sake? When curvatious librarian tires of her weight-obsessed work colleagues she decides it's time for her to do something totally radical and different. She answers an advert on the library noticeboard – an artist is looking for models to help create an exhibition piece. Soon Greta discovers that artist Stevie intends to make a name for herself, and that Modern Art isn't all about oil on canvas – it involves a lot of video footage as well.

In the Bakery by Kristina Wright

Unlike the rest of the bakery staff, Bernadette doesn't mind working with Vincent on the morning shift, even though he can be demanding and often seemingly unreasonable. Then one day she is late for work, and Vincent decides it's time for her to learn a lesson. But the tables are turned as Bernadette realizes she's his rounded and ample flavour of the week.

Watching by Victoria Blisse

Everyone has their invisible friend, don't they? But via the Internet and computers virtual strangers can enter your fantasies as easily as if they were in the room with you. And Todd knows what to say, what to suggest, and what excites you. And as the line between fantasy and reality blurs you know that Todd really is the man of your dreams.

The Photographer's Muse by Scarlett Sanderson

When Cathy replied to an advert from a photographer seeking a curvy and voluptuous model, she didn't think she'd be picked. Now it's her first day in her new life and she's worried that she won't have a clue what to do. But under James' artistic direction she soon finds her stage fright disappears and he's looking for more than just one encore.
These stories have also been published in Ultimate Curves ISBN 9781906373788
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