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The Systems Thinker – Mental Models

Regain focus. Select relevant information. Make quick and clear decisions.

We are dealing with too many options, too much information, conflicting advice on general choices like what diet to choose, or who to choose as a mate. It’s hard to maintain focus and be confident in our decisions under such conditions.
The Systems Thinker –Mental Models helps you make decisions based on your relevant thought patterns and true values. Finding the most relevant information to YOU, the best decision to YOU is a matter of exploring YOUR thoughts and wants.
Mental models are cognitive frameworks that you can use to make order in your head, tune out the noise, and focus on what’s important — without getting overwhelmed. Mental models provide transparency, order, deeper understanding, context, and most importantly, a clear solution or conclusion about problems. Using systems thinking as your leading cognitive tool will provide depth AND width to your mental analysis.
Learn how corporate executives, economists, and policy makers analyze big data and make decisions based on it.

•Discover 12 powerful thinking tools to facilitate your though processes
Understanding and model dynamic systems
•Learn to use mental models through real-life examples

Mental models are so much more than a cognitive tool; they help with productivity, enhance understanding, boost critical thinking, and analytical skills.

•Understand how corporations make multidimensional decisions
Learn to design your own mental models to map out your real priorities
•Learn to include soft variables such as emotions into your analysis
Shift your mindset from blaming to accountability and resolve conflicts easier.
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