John W. Harcup

Human Anatomy in Full Color

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    The human body is an amazing structure, so complex that, even today, not all its functions are fully understood. Certain cells are directed by genes to divide into organs with specialized functions. The senses—sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell—connect us to the outside world. The body is capable of detecting minute changes in the environment. It can adapt to different conditions and extremes of heat and cold.
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    paint paintings, knit, embroider exquisite
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    Ball and socket
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    These pass down myelinated fibers faster—at over 328 feet (100 meters) per second
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    which control the heart and respiration
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    which coordinates the accuracy of muscle activity and maintains the posture of the body
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    secreting hormones into the bloodstream
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    which regulates the autonomic system
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    integrates the sensory, motor and emotional processes of the body
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